About this Website

This website is intended to be your "first stop" for resources in your Infinite Campus online walk.   

Notice the tabs across the top to help guide you to job specific videos and documents to meet some of your initial needs within the system. 

Please start by viewing what we refer to as "Campus 101"

There are 2 ways we offer training for tool rights in Campus. You can attend an instructor led training by registering in Performance Matters PD or we offer some classes online through Schoology.

To join a course in Schoology, you will need an access code listed below. 


Schoology Online Course Codes:            

Support and Intervention- coming soon

Bullying and Harassment- HKDJ2-778TT

Behavior Management- coming soon

Attendance- coming soon

Behavior Audit- FR3BP-JZSTD

Family Portal Liaison- coming soon

Student Data Access and Use Agreement- W2QB4-D76NT

HS Master Scheduler- 2B6XV-DV6SR

MS Master Scheduler- W7Q6S-JVKSV

ES Master Scheduler- 4M532-TKMGJ